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Useful properties of macadamia oil

Macadamia belongs to the proteaceae family is a fairly common in South Africa and Australia. Proteaceae species are plants, well adapted to life in arid climates, so they have hard leaves, but underground they have special bodies that can retain moisture.

Just macadamia is native to Australia. It is a small tree that reaches 15 meters in height, and having rigid leaves, as in most proteaceae. Many believe the fruit of this plant is nuts. Now they can be found not only in Australia. They are grown in other countries, for example, in South America. Australians regard the macadamia sacred, because I know about the many healing properties of this plant. Outside of Australia, the macadamia fruits are considered very expensive compared to other nuts, so the technology of their Assembly and workpiece is very complicated.

They have a rounded shape, with a diameter of about two cm and very hard surface.

This nut was named after a friend of one Australian scientist Muller – John Mac – Adam. The Australians call it, of course in his own way, using the names of different medicinal properties of this plant.

Since the nuts were growing previously, only in Australia in 1970 in Queensland planted the first trees, and nut business began to flourish, so these nuts are also called Queensland.

Originaldatei are very expensive – over $ 30 per kilogram, because, in spite of attempts to develop this activity, nuts are still grown quite a few. Their production on an industrial scale has not yet mastered, they are very difficult to grow and purify. But the main thing is that they are expensive – large amount of valuable, natural ingredients.

These nuts contain proteins, fats, carbohydrates, natural sugars, mineral substances, vitamins and minerals – potassium and calcium.

In macadamia contains a lot of fat, it is very nutritious. So it can get oil that has amazing properties to treat burns, heal wounds. Macadamia oil is used in cosmetology as it has excellent anti-aging properties. Generally, cosmetics, created on the basis of the macadamia oil is very expensive. Macadamia also promotes the excretion of excess cholesterol from the body.

Macadamia nuts are very good for bones and joints, lechat arthritis and osteoporosis. They are great antioxidants, inhibit the development of tumors, and is useful for joint disease, with angina, help to cope with lack of vitamins.

With regular use of macadamia can help remove toxins from the body and normalize the metabolism, to put in order the blood pressure to overcome the extra weight.

Macadamia oil, as mentioned above, very valuable in cosmetology, because it has restorative and rejuvenating properties. It is not only used for cosmetic purposes, but also in the treatment of various skin diseases: burns, scars, is a great tool that improves blood circulation.

This oil is an excellent anti-cellulite agent, making the skin more smooth and supple, helping prevent stretch marks.

The macadamia nut can be used in cooking. It is somewhat reminiscent of hazelnut, but the ball has soft and delicate taste. It is most often used in dessert dishes and baking. But he can cook delicious salads and some meat and fish dishes.

It can add anywhere. This will make the taste of food is not only more spicy, but the dish is more useful.

Botanist Muller for the first time studied the properties of this nut, anticipated that this plant could be of immense help in people’s lives. He was right. And we are very pleased that this plant has become known far beyond Australia, so we have the ability to successfully apply it to improve their health.