Special medical instruments and surgeons of ancient methods of mummification
As wrote the famous researcher of antiquity and a chain sting the surgical instruments of the ancient Incas were of different size bronze scalpels, needles, staples, tweezers, a bronze knife…

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Inhabitants of Altai taught responsible harvesting of medicinal herbs
WWF and charitable project "World around you" summed up the results of the programme for the sustainable harvesting of medicinal herbs in the Altai. One important outcome was the creation…

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Five animals that are able to treat people

An international team of experts conducted a number of studies that were aimed at studying the impact of some fauna, on the human body and its recovery. Through observations and research, experts were able to understand what type of fauna can help a person in recovery, and sometimes complete healing from our physical ailments, and mental.

In addition, the researchers were able to prove that his ability to heal people, animals open new possibilities for medicine, in the treatment of such serious diseases as Parkinson’s disease, dementia, diabetes, serious disorder and more.

For example, according to the experts, cats are just a source of health. Thanks to these cute fluffy lumps, people can cure many ailments. The first is of course the mental disorder, neurosis, depression, stress, mental disorders. In addition, a well-known fact that 20 minutes with a cat vyrovnat the heartbeat and stabilizes blood pressure. The list of diseases that can cure the cat is very long, it includes: pathology of the respiratory system, including asthma, diseases of digestive system, functional disorders of the musculo-dvigatelnogo, joint diseases, alcoholism, drug addiction, fractures, injuries, diseases of the reproductive system. And it’s great, because almost any person will tell you with one hundred percent certainty, it’s nice to pet the cat and as immediately becomes easy, even just in her presence.

Dogs, according to scientists – trained person to a healthy lifestyle. After all, it should at least go for a walk, and maybe even to do Jogging, but still not once a day. Thus, dogs help to maintain a slim figure, walking in the fresh air lead to the absence of depression, in addition to preventing cardiovascular disease is provided to You. It should also be noted that the dog can sniff cancer at an early stage. And its saliva has anti-bacterial properties. And what can we say about dogs – the dogs that replace his master’s eyes or while you can recognize an attack of epilepsy in his master, thereby saving his life.

But a smart and noble animals – horses will be super helpers in the rehabilitation of injured people or after injuries. Currently therapists are increasingly used in their practices sessions with horses, especially for young patients who are sick with autism and young people who have problems with behavior. Also horses can help adults with mental disorders, especially animal prints quickly out of depression and help to cope with addictions to alcohol and drugs.

Next on the list – workers bees. Here you can talk and talk about the invaluable assistance of these small insects. Products that are produced by bees have an incredible ability to heal people. Honey, propolis, venom. By the way bee venom is used in medicine as a means of combating rheumatoid arthritis, neuralgia, multiple sclerosis and pathology of tendons and muscles.

Healing the list of fauna close snake. These representatives help to treat diseases of the joints and veins of man, destroying the damaged cells of the body. The snake venom can cure even cancer.

Scientists also report that actually the world is full of animals, able to heal or help a person in different life situations. The main thing is to find your pet, care for it really and then it will answer You in the same coin. There are Golden words: “We are responsible for those who tamed”.