Five animals that are able to treat people
An international team of experts conducted a number of studies that were aimed at studying the impact of some fauna, on the human body and its recovery. Through observations and…

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Traditional medicine is
Watch what "traditional Medicine" in other dictionaries: Traditional Mongolian medicine — developed among the Mongolian people for many years. Mongolian doctors were widely known in China and Tibet ... Wikipedia…

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Medicine ancient Egypt

The Egyptians knew of major organs: heart, vessels, kidneys, intestines, muscles, etc. the first part discusses the creation of the pyramids, which were tombs of the dead pharaohs, their wives, servants and slaves who were buried together with the owner. The day also was divided into 12 hours. Ancient Egyptian doctors to treat various ailments, and also using. Egyptian doctors were considered the best in the world. This inscription has managed to decipher the French scholar Jean-françois Champollion. Doors were built and houses, but they were destroyed,the Priests of the memorial services gone,Their monuments covered with mud,and their Tombs are forgotten,But their names are pronounced when reading these books. Kachanski papyrus 1850 BC.
Maat the God of the desert and sand storms the Goddess of truth, the God of darkness God of sun Goddess of heaven God of earth God of wisdom Goddess of fertility and motherhood the God of the sky and sun God is the patron of the dead God of the underworld and judge of the dead patron Goddess of wives and mothers Answers: a b C D e e g h and l m 4 7 11 8 1 10 3 5 6 12 9 2 3. Thus the prescription of some medications contain up to 40 components. In the condition of one of them said about 7 homes, about 7 cats in each house, about 7 mice eaten by each cat, about 7 spikes, eaten by each mouse, about 7 measures of grain, which gives each ear.
In the Egyptian Pantheon were represented deity, personified abstract concepts, such as the goddess of fairness and justice Maat, the daughter of the God RA, was depicted as a seated woman with an ostrich feather on the head, sometimes winged. From the Middle Kingdom witnessed the repositories, which offer solutions. The Egyptians knew of major organs: heart, vessels, kidneys, intestines, muscles, etc. In the same inscription gives the clinical picture of sudden death of the architect, which, according to modern concepts, like the heart attack or stroke. First it is in the form of stairs with ledges, which are called by other platforms or steps.The first part discusses the creation of the medicines of ancient Egypt presentation, which were the tombs of the dead pharaohs, their wives, servants and slaves who were buried together with the owner. Found in Thebes in 1872, the Culture is reaching people in different areas of human life the Art of Ancient Egypt is closely connected with the religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptians.
Medicine of ancient Egypt presentation

Astronoomiaring Egypt Astronomy became engaged to improve the calendar experience with the development of agriculture. Description of slide: lesson Plan. Download for free and without registration. Her image was on the headdress of the Pharaoh.

The sources of healing in ancient Egyptian papyrus medical text: the Papyrus of Kahuna,from the Ramesseum, Edwin Smith, George Ebers, Hirst, Brugsch, Leiden, Brooklyn. The history of Ancient Egypt the founder of the first Egyptian dynasty and the unifier of Egypt is considered a semi-legendary king Menes, Mina 2950 g. they studied writing, mathematics and astronomy.

Alternative medicine, alternative therapies
It is possible to allocate such forms of alternative medicine like: phytotherapy (treatment with medicinal herbs, in which the reception of infusions of various plants and herbs has a beneficial…


Introduction and cultivation of medicinal plants.
Introduction of medicinal herbs provides an introduction to the culture of wild plants both within the area and in new areas where these species do not occur. It includes two…

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