Collecting medicinal herbs for hypothyroidism
For many people in our country moving in the morning causes discomfort. Wake up, people feel overwhelmed, tired, sleepy, they don't want to go to work. The reason for this…

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Type 2 diabetes: national treatment
Type 2 diabetes: national treatment is possible? Yes, if the disease has mild or moderate severity. Do not think that the use of folk remedies fully heal from the disease…

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Healing: treat yourself.

Healing is one of the oldest forms of medicine. Its roots are found in all world religions, in magic, in folk healers. Almost all inhabitants of the planet believed, believe and will believe in the healing power of God, saints, mother nature.

Healing is a redistribution of the healing energy that is present in every living organism and promotes healing. The nature of healing is difficult to explain. But just to say only one thing: there is a certain energy, an obscure and little known that gifted people (healers), and often simple people, can collect, concentrate and pass on to others in order to cure physical and psychological ailments.

Capacity for healing in each of us, only in different degrees of development. The energy of life hidden in the human body, its immense power and immeasurable. But we don’t know her neither control nor properly use. Therefore live a relatively short time, self-destroying themselves in all types of disharmony that causes rapid aging and various disease of our bodies. When we are in harmony with the environment and your own body, then our health is normal. But when harmony is broken, the mechanism of self-healing starts to malfunction and we’re trying to change: normally we go to the doctor for help and begin to take prescribed medicines or are searching for a healer. And sometimes you just begin to self-medicate. At least once in life, everyone tried to treat myself at least herbs. And experiencing severe pain, many persuade themselves in the following words: “it is necessary to suffer, to worry, soon the pain will go away”. And it is at first glance a simple self-hypnosis actually is one of the mechanisms of self-healing.

Remedy we do not soon change traditional medicine. The reason for that fear, disbelief in oneself and physiologically abnormal dependence on drugs. However, it is possible to do without the usual pills and tablets, if you set yourself up for a speedy recovery and to do some exercises.

One of the most simple exercises is the increase of blood flow to the affected organ with the help of breathing. You try to breathe “through this diseased body”, they visualize it happening. With this exercise the body receives more oxygen and nutrients and, in addition, the growing consciousness.

An advanced trick is to learn to see the parts of the body “cells” and “hear”, to feel desired vibration energy. Directing it into the cells of the affected organ, also you can help yourself recover faster.

In addition, you can imagine how the pillar of bright, warm and kind of cosmic energy passes through you and goes vertically into the ground. If you present it correctly, it is usually during this visualization starts paining head. This exercise strengthens your aura, it increases the tone of the whole organism.

Still it is possible to represent the processes occurring inside of you (for example, how in their veins the blood is, its color, speed and so on) and to try to control them: to slow down or speed up, to change.

These exercises can improve health and create much, if you believe. Believe in the impossible and you will succeed!