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Traditional recipes of beauty and health of teeth

To have a beautiful smile everyone dreams, but often we forget about the factors that affect its beauty. Smoking, alcohol, excessive consumption of black tea, coffee or sweets – all of us cherished these habits prevail and the dream of a Hollywood smile is shattered. Teeth turn yellow, decay, the gums become inflamed, bleed, and eventually we run to the dentist in hopes to get rid of “new problems”.

Actually the health and beauty of our teeth is not the result of treatment, and proper care and prevention of all kinds of “dental diseases”. The basis for the health and beauty of our teeth, of course, is primarily a proper diet.

To make the tooth enamel strong . you need to eat more raw vegetables and fruits, and dairy products and fish.

For healthy gums it is recommended to chew pine, currant and Rowan sprigs-the shoots, it would not hurt to purchase a stick of Miswak .

To bacteria multiply in the mouth, after meals is recommended to eat a piece of Apple or cheese.

Surprisingly, even with today’s modern drugs and treatment methods, many people prefer folk remedies.

In unconventional medicinemedicine and breastfeeding are perhaps the main procedures for the care of teeth and gums. Especially when the problem is known or not to visit the dentist.

Strengthen teeth and improve salivation. During the morning the cleaning type of mouth cold boiled water and rinse for 3 minutes, then slowly swallow in 3 SIPS.

Very well strengthens the enamel and gums, and eliminates germs and unpleasant smells rinse with tea tree oil (3 drops in a glass of boiled water), which can be found at any pharmacy.

Bleeding of the gums . Mix lime color – 1 piece and the oak bark – 2 parts. Steeped 1 teaspoon of this mixture Cup of boiling water. The resulting broth atteriwem and let cool to a warm state. Rinse the mouth up to 3 times daily, after meals.

Stomatitis and gingivitis . Flowers pharmacy chamomile – 1 tbsp. spoon, leave for 20 minutes, cool it down and rinse a mouth 2-3 times a day.

Tartar . 1 tablespoon of honey diluted with Cup of warm water. As a precaution, you may rinse your mouth with this solution after meals and at night.

If worried about a toothache . You can use the usual tincture of Valerian or mint. To moisten it on a cotton ball and put on the aching tooth for 15-25 minutes. Also soothe the pain will help clove or pine oil. Apply the cotton swab to the affected tooth for 10-15 minutes.

Whitening . What we’re going to see our smile has become white. However, even dentists prefer the yellowness of teeth, when the enamel stronger, albeit ugly. Although they say that beauty demands victims, in folk medicine it is possible to find a couple safe for teeth and gums recipes. Amazing fact! Excellent bleaching properties have strawberry and strawberry. You can crush the berries and apply them on the teeth like toothpaste. However, after this procedure, you must remove the residues with a toothbrush and rinse mouth thoroughly. Another useful way of whitening the teeth is rubbing the pulp of the lemon peel.

All lovers of folk remedies it is important to remember . what alternative medicine are good mainly for prevention and maintenance of the beauty of the teeth, either as “emergency”. If there are serious problems with the oral cavity (caries, pulpitis, gum disease, periodontal disease, etc.), then you should as soon as possible to seek help from the dentist. Trust dental treatment only trusted and proven professionals. Dental clinic “Holoday” in St. Petersburg provides treatment of all types, including dental implants with a 30% discount on all summer. Hurry!