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The concept of "integrity" is based on the knowledge of the Universal laws of integral human relationship with the environment. And happiness and health, and human well-being depend on his…

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Introduction and cultivation of medicinal plants.
Introduction of medicinal herbs provides an introduction to the culture of wild plants both within the area and in new areas where these species do not occur. It includes two…

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Herbs and medicinal plants

Plants containing pharmacologically active substances and which have different therapeutic effects on the body, are called medicinal plants. In the world there are about 500 thousand species of herbs and plants, but only about 5% of them have more or less investigated for pharmacological activity and are medicinal plants.

Our country has enormous wealth and diversity of plant species. Only higher plants contains more than 21 thousand Of them each year for medical purposes is grown and harvested slightly more than 200 species of medicinal herbs and plants.

There is a vast reserve of still unexplored new drug rastenii, herbs and drugs from them. In recognition of new therapeutic agents is often of great importance has rich experience of traditional medicine.

Chemical compounds isolated from medicinal plants often serve as a model for industrial synthesis of similar or even more effective drugs. Basically the same medicinal herbs and plants – all levels of responsibility of the source medicinal plants for isolation of active ingredients and intermediates for the synthesis of such effective remedies, corticosteroids, sex hormones, etc.

Currently, more than 30% of medicines medicinecabinet prepares from medicinal vegetative raw material, obtained from medicinal herbs and plants. On the basis of medicinal plants produced about 80% of drugs used in cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. However, the demand for medicinal plant raw materials of many species are not yet fully satisfied.

The study of medicinal plants has been addressed by many research institutions in the country, including the all-Russian research Institute of medicinal plants (VILAR), pharmaceutical and medical institutes etc. Important studies have also been conducted in other countries. Russian scientists have conducted in this regard, numerous studies. As a result of work of Russian scientists mapped the distribution of medicinal plants, atlases, handbooks. Inventory of medicinal plants and herbs gave the opportunity to consider the raw material resources and to organize their rational use in the whole country and for individual areas.

Special attention is paid to environmental issues, i.e. takes into account the confinement of herbs and medicinal plants to certain plant communities, their role in the formation of natural landscapes. This gives you the opportunity to identify more effective measures to protect natural resources, to develop the scientific foundations for exploitation of natural bushland.

We offer You the site contains medical and biological description of important medicinal herbs and plants, basic data about biologically active substances, and General information about the use in science and medicine; marked poisonous properties that they possess some medicinal herbs.

On the website You will find brief information on the cultivation of some medicinal herbs and plants. You will learn more about their Botanical and biological characteristics, therapeutic and other properties.

the website is primarily intended for owners of garden plots of the Central regions of the Nonchernozem zone and other regions with similar soil-climatic conditions of these areas.

Cultivation in home gardens of herbs and medicinal plants will be useful not only for the replenishment of household kits and will render feasible assistance in the solution of problems on supply of medicinal plant raw material and of environmental conservation.