Herbs and medicinal plants
Plants containing pharmacologically active substances and which have different therapeutic effects on the body, are called medicinal plants. In the world there are about 500 thousand species of herbs and…

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Kalanchoe peristoe - use in folk medicine
There are about 200 species of Kalanchoe, but is used in medical practice Kalanchoe pinnate. Under natural conditions, Kalanchoe grows in South America and Southeast Asia, where it grows up…

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What is alternative medicine?

How to live long and be healthy? Look around, nature is everywhere gives us clues.

If a person is in harmony with the environment, and the health he does not complain. But if man moves away from nature, ceases to listen to your body, it is vulnerable to disease, both body and soul. Believing that it will save an expensive tablet, people delude themselves. Having tried the possible and impossible methods of traditional medicine . he is like a drowning man at a straw, grabs are not always clear and understandable tools and methods of folk, or alternative, medicine.

Alternative medicine approaches to diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases that for one reason or another have not received universal acceptance among physicians. Most of these approaches has deep historical roots and are based more on an assessment of the manifestations of the disease, than the study of its causes and mechanisms. The so-called folk remedies of medicine of the West and the East complement and enrich modern official medicine.

For alternative medicine are characterized by the absence of clear rules.

In the heritage of folk healers from different countries presented extensive knowledge of alternative medicine, such as:

Aromatherapy — treatment with odours.

Apitherapy — the treatment of produktangebot;

Phytotherapy — treatment with medicinal herbs (receiving infusions of various plants and herbs has a beneficial effect on the work of the whole organism, cleanses the vital organs and blood from toxins, enhances the protective functions of the organism without adverse effects on organs, as it can be when taking chemical preparations);

Urine therapy — external or internal use of urine for therapeutic purposes;

Naturotherapy — treatment using medicines of natural, mineral, vegetable or animal origin;

Hirudotherapy — treatment with leeches;

Manual therapy — biomechanical techniques performed by hands, designed to remove pain and restore mobility of the spine and joints;

Acupuncture — moxibustion, auricular acupuncture, acupuncture, acupressure;

Stone therapy massage using a variety of natural stones;

Hydrotherapy (water therapy) — the use of water in the form of local and General baths, rubdowns, showers, compresses, douches with prophylactic and therapeutic purposes;

Metalotherapy — attachment to the body plates of different metal;

Starvation ;

Color therapy (color treatment);

Therapy or m musicoterapia (treatment sound);

Magnetic therapy (the treatment is permanent and pulsed magnetic fields);

A healthy diet (carbohydrate-free diet, food combining, protein-free diet, etc.);

Turpentine baths — balneological therapy method, which is based on the use of the bath containing gum turpentine;

Thalassotherapy — treatment with sea algae, salts, mud;

Therapy — treatment using biological energy

Su Jok is one of the methods of Oriental medicine, acupuncture presents;

Ayurveda ;

Homeopathy — a system of treating disease based on the use of minimal doses of substances that cause phenomena that are similar to the symptoms of the disease.

Starting to listen to yourself, using properly the potential of physical and mental health by changing your lifestyle and attitude towards the world, each of us can live many years of healthy and happy life. Talking about this ancient knowledge about human nature, about the causes and treatment of diseases.

Alternative therapies will help you to improve physical and mental health, to discover and use inherent in your natural strength to get rid of diseases, which for many years was considered incurable, to gain health, vitality, balanced emotions, rejuvenation of body and spirit, creative and spiritual capacities.