Toothache: folk remedies of treatment
To endure tooth pain is very difficult. Most often it appears when you abruptly change the temperature. If a toothache, you should see a doctor, but may occur such a…

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The use of medicinal herbs.
The vegetation of our Russia is very diverse - from tundra in the far North, to the deserts of the southern borders of the country. An important reason is the…

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Collecting medicinal herbs for hypothyroidism

For many people in our country moving in the morning causes discomfort. Wake up, people feel overwhelmed, tired, sleepy, they don’t want to go to work. The reason for this unpleasant condition is hypothyroidism, caused by a persistent lack of thyroid hormones. This disease is very common in our country, as is water and food that we eat, contain very little iodine. Luckily, this is important for normal thyroid function the element is concentrated in many medicinal herbs.

Iodine is a remedy that stimulates the metabolism in the body, makes the work better heart, makes the vessels stronger, raises hemoglobin. As a result, the person feels much more energetic, more active and leads a full life. In order to saturate your body with iodine, you need to know what herbs he concentrates and how to apply them. Here’s a simple to use multi-component herbs to help with hypothyroidism. It includes:

grass cocklebur. 2 teaspoons;

– fruits of black chokeberry. 2 tsp with a slide;

– the young leaves of the walnut, which contain huge amounts of iodine. 1 teaspoon;

– dried green leaf of walnut.¾ One of the sash;

– kelp is a valuable sea algae, which can be purchased in the store or pharmacy. 1 teaspoon without slides.

All these plants comprise the bulk of the mixture, can improve the thyroid gland. For people with low blood pressure – hypotension in this fee is recommended to add 4 teaspoons of the rhizome of leuzea, and 3 teaspoons of pine buds. In addition, people with low thyroid function definitely need herbs that prevent inflammation in the body. It is rarely used alder bark, which cope with the various inflammations of the joints.

In the winter, when there is an acute shortage of vitamins, by the way will be very dry fruits. To improve the functioning of the heart be sure to add dried grass clover. If a person has a weak nervous system, this fee can include motherwort and calendula flowers. If you have frequent colds it would be good to contribute to the collection of thyme and oregano, and pain in the joints is dried hors-tail.

To cope with poor sleep in hypothyroidism will help with the stems of hop and flax seeds. All these herbs, fruits and flowers should be mixed thoroughly in order to get gorgeous tea, firming and toning the thyroid gland, saturating the body with iodine, beneficial, holistic effects on the entire body. For the preparation of such tea is necessary in an enamel saucepan put 3 tablespoons of the collection and pour boiling water, give the infusion within one hour. Used to drink in 3-4 divided doses for 10 minutes before eating. Usual dosage: 1 tablespoon mix 1 Cup of boiling water. This medicinal tea is an excellent remedy to stimulate the thyroid gland and cure hypothyroidism.