Toothache: folk remedies of treatment
To endure tooth pain is very difficult. Most often it appears when you abruptly change the temperature. If a toothache, you should see a doctor, but may occur such a…

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The Drug "Poppy"
Maca is a tuberous plant that grows in Peruvian Andes, at an altitude 3800-4500 meters above sea level. The root of this plant since the times of the Inca Empire…

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10 questions for physiotherapist

Physiotherapy — what it is and what purpose it is prescribed? The word “therapy” comes from the Greek word physis — nature and therapeia — treatment. Today physiotherapy is an area of medicine that studies the therapeutic effect of various physical factors. They can be natural: climate, air, sun, mineral water, dirt or artificially created electromagnetic fields, ultrasound, laser radiation.

What are the benefits of using physiotherapy?

Advantages of physiotherapy:>

security; availability of treatment; a complex effect on the body; prolonged therapeutic effect; beneficial effect on the nervous system; natural immunity strengthening.

Using therapeutic physical factors are activated mechanisms that increase the body’s resistance to adverse external environment, but also to various diseases. As a result of application of physiotherapeutic procedures diminished pain attacks, normalization of secretory and motor functions of the organs, decreases activity of inflammatory processes, increases fabrics regeneration.

When using physical methods is very rare there are allergic reactions and lack of drug dependence. Modern physiotherapy enhances tastierista of drugs that reduces the treatment time patients. Physiotherapy treatments are painless, have no side effects on organs and tissues. The use of physiotherapy increases the period of remission of chronic diseases, reduces the frequency of recurrences.

What methods of physiotherapy conducted in the clinic “AVA-KAZAN” ?

Physiotherapy clinic “AVA-KAZAN” is equipped with the most modern equipment that allows to carry out the following treatment methods:

electrotherapy (galvanization and medicinal electrophoresis, diadinamotherapy, inductothermy, percutaneous electroneurostimulation); ultrasonic therapy; magnetotherapy; laser therapy.

In what diseases use physical therapy?

We have a physiotherapy is used in various fields of medicine: gynaecology, urology, traumatology and orthopedics, dermatology, Pediatrics, ENT diseases, sports medicine, internal diseases. Assigned to physiotherapy most often after decrease inflammation, acute process or for the purpose of pain relief. The most effective physiotherapy in the treatment of diseases of spine and joints, pain, adhesions, chronic gynecological diseases, rehabilitation after operations and injuries.

How to get a referral to physical therapy?

Referral to treatment can doctors from the clinic “AVA-KAZAN” or from other hospitals. The doctor examines the patient, clarifies the necessity of treatment, the possibility of its combination with other methods and guides for a consultation with a physical therapist. The direction must specify the diagnosis and the data included examination of the patient.

What happens at the doctor-physiotherapist?

In clinic “AVA-KAZAN” takes the doctor-physiotherapist of the highest category with the experience of over 20 years. Before a session of physiotherapy doctor collects history, examines the patient learns the results of the preliminary survey. This is necessary in order to rule out all possible contraindications, to choose the method of treatment required by each patient to find the right dosage of therapeutic drugs.

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