Shamans, spirits and deities of the peoples of the North
Since ancient times the indigenous Yakuts believe in Aiyy, in spirits of Fire, Water, Earth, Hunting, Home. During my trip, we never once asked about religion, meeting with different people,…

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The right to engage in national medicine (healing).
The national medicine is healing methods, prevention, diagnosis and treatment, based on the experience of generations of people, entrenched in national traditions and not registered in the manner prescribed by…

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Folk remedies – treatment of diseases at home

Today proved that the treatment of folk remedies safer and more efficient pharmaceutical chemical drugs.

With the development of medicine, pharmaceuticals and chemistry, many began to forget about traditional medicine and its benefits for the human body. Of course, when there is a malaise or pain, it’s easier to take a pill or medicine. This plus medication. But there are a number of reasons why many people are advised not to neglect proven methods of treatment of traditional medicine.

One of these is natural the damage to the body from antibiotics, pills or chemicals. Actually all pharmacology and pharmaceutics based on the recipes of our grandmothers and grandfathers who passed their knowledge from generation to generation. Because Valerian tablet is the concentration of a number of herbal substances plant, which first gather in the meadow, and then correctly groomed, transforming into a tablet. Sometimes when you have a headache or lack of sleep many of us drink a pill. We must remember that the pill only removes the symptoms of migraine, but not the cause. Perhaps the man just needs to sleep or relax.

Alternative tablets can be a normal compress on the head with vinegar. Else you can grind mint leaves with whiskey. Many are advised to put on kolovorotny cabbage leaf or leaves of thyme. When lack of sleep, anxiety and insomnia, many folk healers advised to drink a Cup of tea with mint, lemon balm and honey. Also a sedative effect on the nervous system operates hot mug of milk. It is possible to relax simply need to take a hot bath with chamomile, lavender or other pleasant mixture of herbs or oils.

If you are familiar with the state of constant fatigue or sleepiness, you can take advantage of the people’s Council and to make a power smoothie that will restore your strength and give vigor to the spirit. Plus this cocktail in that it consists of natural ingredients. A great refreshing drink can be a glass of water with lemon juice or grapefruit, it is necessary to add mint leaves or lemon balm. Lemon boosts immunity and gives good tone to the human organism.

Of course, if a person suffers a disease that must be cured using medical drugs is one thing and quite another when it is possible to use improvised means, in order to boost your immune system or get rid of the breakdown. Just need to be attentive to their health and body, then you can avoid many diseases, and possibly to prevent their occurrence.

Sometimes the doctors do not help and folk remedies treat the opposite – have a positive effect. But it happens and Vice versa, so you need to choose the option that suits you. After all, the world there is no one recipe for all.

There is no way that were all perfectly healthy. Already at an early age a person has the disease – allergies, colds, diseases of internal organs, etc. And often the first thing people run to the pharmacy, without thinking, what harm bring the chemicals. The disease can and to retreat instantaneously from the action of these drugs, but what will be the consequences? They can be very serious, because we don’t always have time to read contraindications of the use of such drugs, and some medicines they do not write. It is because of this negligence among the producers we can harm your body much more than to help!