Traditional and non-traditional medicine
What itself represents traditional and alternative medicine? The correct response to the question are the following relations. To traditional medicine include the treatment of patients by qualified physicians. Clinics and…

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Licorice: Benefit or harm?
Widespread in world medicine licorice root (or licorice) and the rich history of the use of this delicacy in the medical purposes, of course, suggest every fan of licorice candies…

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The right to engage in national medicine (healing).

reiiikiThe national medicine is healing methods, prevention, diagnosis and treatment, based on the experience of generations of people, entrenched in national traditions and not registered in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The right on occupation by traditional medicine have citizens of the Russian Federation, received the diploma of a healer, issued by the ministries of health of republics of the Russian Federation, bodies of health administration of the Autonomous region, Autonomous regions, edges, areas, cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The decision to grant the diploma of the healer is made on the basis of an application of a citizen and representation of professional medical Association or a statement of a citizen and a joint submission by professional medical associations and institutions having the license for a specific activity. The diploma of the healer grants the right to engage in folk medicine in the territory under the jurisdiction of the health authority that issued the diploma.

The person who received the diploma of the healer, are engaged in national medicine in the manner prescribed by the local administration in accordance with article 56 these principles.

Use methods of traditional medicine in health care institutions of state or municipal system zdravoohraneniya the decision of the heads of these institutions in accordance with article 43 of these principles.

The sessions of the healer is made by the decision of the health authority issuing the diploma of the healer, and can be appealed in court.

Deprivation of the diploma of the healer is made by the decision of the health authority issuing the diploma of the healer, and can be appealed in court.

Illegal occupation by traditional medicine (healing) involves administrative responsibility, and in cases stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation, criminal liability.

Article 58


The attending physician is the physician providing care to the patient during his care and treatment in the outpatient or hospital facility. Your doctor cannot be a doctor, studying at the higher medical institution or educational institution of postgraduate professional education.

The attending physician shall be appointed at the choice of the patient or the head of the medical institutions (divisions). In case of requirement of the patient about replacement of the attending physician must assist in the choice of another doctor.

The attending physician arranges for the timely and qualified examination and treatment of the patient, provides information about the state of his health, at the request of the patient or his legal representative invites consultants and arrange a consultation. The recommendations of the consultants are implemented only in consultation with the attending physician, except in cases of emergency that threaten the life of the patient.

The attending physician individually gives out a leaf of invalidity for the term up to 30 days.

The attending physician can waive by agreement with an appropriate official from the observation and treatment of the patient, if it does not threaten the patient’s life and health of others, in cases of patient non-compliance with the regulations or the internal regulations of medical institutions.

The attending physician is responsible for negligent performance of their professional duties in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, republics within the Russian Federation.