Essential oils know about our health a lot
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The cultivation of medicinal plants in our own garden
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Type 2 diabetes: national treatment

Type 2 diabetes: national treatment is possible? Yes, if the disease has mild or moderate severity. Do not think that the use of folk remedies fully heal from the disease – mostly, their effect relates to the prevention of complications. It is strongly recommended not to ignore the treatment of diabetes mellitus prescribed by an endocrinologist – it can be dangerous to life and health.

What methods of folk treatment of diabetes of the second type are the most popular?

Treatment of bee products

Traditionally, honey for diabetics is not useful, because it has a high glycemic index. But the use of propolis reduces the level of blood glucose and strengthening the immune system.

The use of herbs for the treatment of type 2 diabetes

Cinnamon – a product that is extremely useful for diabetics. It normalizes carbohydrate metabolism and enhances the action of insulin. Produced special Supplements on the basis of cinnamon, as well as popular recipes from its use – for example, a cocktail of cinnamon and kefir. It is used not only by those who have symptoms of diabetes, but also people who want to lose weight.

Another folk remedy that not only reduces the amount of sugar in blood and reduces cholesterol level – turmeric.

Brewer’s yeast is a cure for diabetes

Natural brewer’s yeast is a unique product, from catalysator complex of proteins, vitamins and acids in bio-accessible form. The effect of their use for diabetics is based on improving metabolism. Components of the yeast affect many metabolic processes, and included zinc, magnesium and chromium contribute to maintaining normal levels of glucose and increase the effectiveness of insulin.

Phytotherapy: use of plants

If we consider the 2 diabetes, folk remedies of plant origin are the most popular for its treatment. Conditionally they are divided into several groups:

adaptogens, contributing to the normalization of metabolism and restoration of hormonal background

diuretic, removes extra sugar from urine

biguanides – plants, normalizing glucose metabolism by maintaining the insulin, of containment of the processes of formation of glucose from non-carbohydrate compounds of the body

stimulants regeneration of beta-cells composing the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas

plants containing natural insulin

plants containing chromium, promotes the normalization of the interaction of insulin with receptors

the plants containing zinc, contribute to the production of insulin

The use of vegetables, fruits and berries in the treatment of type II diabetes

If you decided to control type 2 diabetes, national treatment should be supplemented by balanced diet. Many products contribute to the normalization of level of glucose in the blood such as blueberries, the fruit of Jerusalem artichoke. Useful for diabetics and all varieties of cabbage, especially the traditional white, including pickled. It stimulates the removal of toxins and cholesterol, normalizes the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract, provide the body with vitamins.

However, before you opt for any kinds of traditional medicine, consult your doctor. Diabetes is not a disease where you can experiment with the treatment on its own.