Traditional and non-traditional medicine
What itself represents traditional and alternative medicine? The correct response to the question are the following relations. To traditional medicine include the treatment of patients by qualified physicians. Clinics and…

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Herbs For Hair Loss
Exactly on transient mi simple no free treatment herbs for hair loss treatment little benefit completely grass 4 letters shown, in human features like she's great glad. Especially bitter tansy…

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Traditional medicine. Infertility. Herbal medicine.

Prolonged and intensive Smoking (nicotine) negatively affects the nervous centers located in the spinal cord that regulate sexual activity. Regular consumption alkoholittomia drinks for a long time leads to the decrease in the number of germ cells and decrease their viability. Infertility also occurs when a lack of food trace element zinc and vitamin E.

Some causes of male infertility:

1. Lifestyle and environmental factors.

It is believed that some chemical compounds ruining modern men, even in the embryo: for example – estrogens, pesticides, detergents, chlorine compounds and wood preservatives. In the body of an adult male pesticides cause the formation of antibodies that attack the sperm, and disinfecting components and estrogens in drinking water inhibit the production.

2. Insufficient kolichestvennoi in the semen can cause a decrease in sperm motility. Fructose, apparently, is the energy resource of sperm.

3. Temporary infertility may occur due to improper diet for a long time, in particular because of insufficient amounts in the diet of vitamins C, A, D, E, etc.

4. Disturbed balance of hormones in the body (mainly the pituitary, thyroid. of the adrenal glands). The decrease in the level of hormones leads to the formation of defective sperm and to infertility.

5. Antisperm antibodies.

Normal spermatozoa are not the object of attention of the body’s defense system, i.e. antibodies are not in contact with sperm. But there are failures in the protective system (this occurs in about 10% of infertile men), when antibodies perceive the sperm as a foreign body attached to him; spermatozoidi stick together, is their mobility, the possibility of penetration into the egg is reduced.

There is a huge number of probable causes of female infertility . Some of them:

hormonal imbalance,

lack of vitamins in food, especially vitamins C, A, D, E,

pathology and anomaly of the genital organs, etc.

To determine the cause of infertility, husband and wife must be examined by a gynecologist, urologist and endocrinologist in special classrooms, offices. Remedial measures for infertility should be both General and drug (tonic and specific), and in some forms and surgical.

As a restorative treatment needs long-term therapy with vitamins, folic acid is best naturally found in animal and vegetable products, to avoid the risk of overdose and to get a greater effect.