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Folk remedies of treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease

Treatment of osteochondrosis of the popular methods involves the use of natural remedies and techniques tried and tested for centuries, which brought relief to the patient in the most difficult moments, but will not eliminate the need to undergo treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease. Currently, medicine has developed quite well, and in the Arsenal of doctors – the newest and most effective products and equipment, traditional medicine was relegated to second place. But still it continues to be used at every opportunity, and methods such as bonesetting in Kiev are unique.

Medical spine specialists “Clinic doctor Ignatieff” is recommended to the patients to seek help from professionals, especially in the acute phase of cervical degenerative disc disease – because it could lead to serious complications.

Expert advice you can pass in a convenient time for the patient, after prior appointment.

The simple but effective traditional methods that do not conflict with traditional medicine, it is:

Daily walks and adequate exercise.

Use during a night’s sleep, hard mattress and a low pillow.

The formation of correct posture is necessary to monitor the position of the back during exercise static and dynamic nature, to cultivate children good habits with the most Ranikhet.

A complete, balanced diet, disposal of excess weight.

In the old days the stiffness and spastic contraction of the muscles of the neck area was removed using normal household rolling pin. This was carried out by light tapping of the impact on the shoulders, shoulder blades and the area of the spine. Repeated exposure in this way helped to improve blood flow to the diseased area and remove excess muscle tension. Sometimes the patient could lie down on the rolling pin and roll her back up and down. This more intensive treatment was used, of course, in the absence of acute pain in the neck.

From natural remedies are often used honey and other bee products with

a pronounced anti-inflammatory and biostimulating effects. It involves rubbing the muscles with the use of honey poultice, sometimes honey is added mummy.

It is believed that celery helps reduce swelling from the affected area. To do this, take 4-5 grams of celery and fill it with 1 liter of boiling water. The resulting broth can take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.

Sesame seeds are rich in minerals, among which especially valuable in cervical osteochondrosis are calcium and potassium. Eating sesame seeds: 1 teaspoon 2 times a day, can compensate for a deficiency of these substances in the body for a relatively short period of time.

Application on the neck of warm bread made from rye or oat bran mixed with hot water, help to relieve muscle spasm, reduce inflammation and soreness. The same effect have heated wraps anti-inflammatory herbs – roots of dandelion, leaves of burdock and St. John’s wort, taken in equal proportions and infused with boiling water.

Any traditional methods of treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease must be approved by your doctor vertebrologist. Only in this case they really will benefit and not drawn the pathological process to a new, much more severe exacerbation.

The doctors “Clinic doctor Ignatieff,” I counsel patients as primary therapy to use traditional medicine under supervision, and household methods to be used in the form of a Supplement.