Medicinal plants of the Krasnodar region, Kuban
Acorus calamus . Perennial herbaceous plant. Used to improve digestion in the gastro-intestinal diseases. Althaea officinalis . Perennial herbaceous plant. Used as an anti-inflammatory, expectorant. The Berberis vulgaris . Branching…

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Medicine ancient Egypt
The Egyptians knew of major organs: heart, vessels, kidneys, intestines, muscles, etc. the first part discusses the creation of the pyramids, which were tombs of the dead pharaohs, their wives,…

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Home physicians: the list of diseases that treat Pets

Already aware of the fact that people who have a pet at home is less likely to get sick and they are more stable, easier to tolerate adversity. After all, when a fluffy miracle rushes to meet you or licks from head to toe – somehow do not think that this is a special psychological technique. They treat us from the spleen and help to distract from life’s problems. What else can they do?

Medic “Cat”. Here, for example, cats, may treat the person from back pain, headaches, sciatica, joint pain, injuries, bruises and that’s not all. They undertake even for inflammatory diseases. And you still think they just eat, sleep, go about their business and in their essence. It’s much glubinnoe than at first glance.

The treatment of cats even has its own name – “feline”.

I wonder the same: what are their treatment methods. And it’s very simple. For a start cats are doing “massage” pads, then “warming up”. But when your fluffy creation, you’ll stay on the sore spot – it is “irradiation” special healing waves.

But there is such a moment: feline depends on what breed of cats. Different animals differently affect the human body.

Most scientists also agree that those people who have the cat five times less likely to visit doctors than those who do not have them.

Medic”Dog”. This is, perhaps, the most dedicated and friendly “medic”. Because your dog knows your character, possible behavior. A dog is always happy to go on contact. Because the cat is very often at this time, when you need, may just be in the spree. As for the dog – she is always there and it so happens that a person forgets that he is lonely if he has a dog. Game with a dog develop attentiveness and reaction, tension. This animal can remove fear or a feeling of distraction. They also can give a person confidence in their own abilities. Here they are friends-psychologists. And that also no less interesting – dogs are able to awaken in introverts desire to communicate and the ability to be more emotional.

Medic “Aquarium fish”. If you have a home are these little miracle Pets – they will allow you to relax. And fish is still a good option for obtaining emotional release. Thus, it is recommended to get rid of nervous breakdowns and depression. Since smooth movement of aquatic animals and light pleasant sound of gurgling water can allow a person to relax and forget about bustle of a hard day. The person in the room is an aquarium – less Insomniac. Also the water evaporating from the aquarium creates a beneficial air for your health. It becomes easy for breathing and useful for colds.

Pets are always a joy. Of course, they need regular care, and most importantly – love and care, how about your middle. And most importantly – these feelings will be mutual.