Herbs and medicinal plants
Plants containing pharmacologically active substances and which have different therapeutic effects on the body, are called medicinal plants. In the world there are about 500 thousand species of herbs and…

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Traditional recipes of beauty and health of teeth
To have a beautiful smile everyone dreams, but often we forget about the factors that affect its beauty. Smoking, alcohol, excessive consumption of black tea, coffee or sweets - all…

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Egyptian medicine

Egyptian health cannot be characterized by one word – good or bad. Generally speaking about the medical system in this country, it works well, but if you try to analyze the situation in the modern Egyptian state, it is difficult to believe that the medicine of Ancient Egypt was considered the most progressive and developed. Today, the health situation leaves much to be desired, professional help can be obtained only in large Metropolitan areas of the country, the regional centres and in some hospitals catering to tourists.

Egypt has a required number of educational institutions that provide the country with medical specialists, for the most part they are gaining experience in regional hospitals, working there with doctors of advanced age. Experienced and promising doctors with the necessary skills can be found only in large medical centers of the country.

The health insurance system in the country exists but it is developed very poorly and, in fact, access to free medical services is not all the indigenous people of Egypt, they have to turn to the paid care that is widely practiced. It is impossible not to notice that prices for private clinics and other medical services is quite high. Access to besplatnamuzika has most (but not all) employed citizens of the country.

About misconceptions and present medical situation in the country

The allegation that the medical situation in Egypt is perfect unfavorable, somewhat exaggerated. The fact is that in remote from civilization areas (old villages of the aborigines, for example) really difficult to find adequate medical care, but in places of a congestion of tourists health care comply with the European standards. Fragmented information about the level of medicine is associated with the fact that get the disease in Egypt is relatively simple – is influenced by peculiarities of climate and closeness with nature.

In recent years in Egypt, built a new surgical centre (Cairo), clinical center of dentistry (a suburb of the capital). The MoH has departments that are engaged in the health of rural residents, the problem of school hygiene; it is to monitor the presence of laboratories and institutes of public health, many hospitals and pharmacies. This approach will certainly have positive results – the mortality rate in the country declined from year to year.

Another common misconception among many foreigners is that prices for all drugs in Egypt exorbitantly high, and their availability and the quality suffers greatly. In fact, since 1952 the government initiated a set of activities aimed at availability of drugs in the General population, the cheapening of all pharmaceuticals, or the development and improvement of this market. To that end, Seagypsy organization dedicated to the production of chemical, medical and pharmaceutical products.

The pharmacy network is deployed widely enough, a shortage of common drugs are not there, in most case, pharmacists need to let go of the drug without a prescription. By the way, works in pharmacies and the doctor, the pharmacist, and the seller, each one of them has a specific function: the first advises, counsels, can measure the pressure and even to weigh, and the other one releases the right drug. Medicines in the country are familiar European names, although there are analogs, for example, “no-Spa” here has the name “spa do”.