Folk medicine for gastritis and ezofagite
The best option for losing weight is to split meals, which is currently due to the development of Japanese scientists, the stomach just break? Chlorine is as in folk medicines…

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The use of medicinal herbs.
The vegetation of our Russia is very diverse - from tundra in the far North, to the deserts of the southern borders of the country. An important reason is the…

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Folk medicine, symptoms of diseases, their treatment and prevention

Esophagitis – a disease associated with inflammation of the esophagus. Running form leads to difficulty swallowing food and to surgery, but you can try treatment of traditional methods.

After 35-40 years of age many people start to complain about an issue such as chondrosis, which can be treated not only through medication but also through traditional medicine.

Onychomycosis — a fungal disease that affects the nails. Traditional medicine offers lots of recipes of this disease. And, of course, prevention is very important.

Alkalosis is a disease characterized by the disturbance of the acid-alkaline content in the body, which requires the timely discovery and take all measures to eliminate the causes of its occurrence.

Vesiculopustules — a disease of newborns or infants. Appears when the violation of sanitary-hygiene rules for childcare. To ensure you can use traditional and folk methods.

Aortic valve stenosis refers to heart defects that impede the ejection of blood from the left ventricle into the aorta, and thus leading to the deterioration of blood supply to all organs in the systemic circulation.

Traditional medicine

To say how many hundreds of years ago there was folk medicine, today is quite difficult.Most likely it happened at a time when people knew about the benefits of the surrounding nature in everyday life. He realized: she is able to heal diseases and preserve health.

Mankind has used herbs for a very long time, until by the end of the 19th century with the rapid growth didn’t develop traditional medicine. In the treatment of diseases, doctors began to use synthetic drugs, and that’s when folk medicine was relegated to second place, unfairly becoming known as non-traditional, or alternative.

In the light of the present day, when we are surrounded by the prevailing environmental situation – nature, contaminated by industries, and the air polluted by cars, again people tend to use traditional medicine, since centuries-old experience and the healing resources of mother nature cannot be underestimated!

Our project has incorporated many of the available recipes of traditional medicine, detailed descriptions of the diseases, tips, visual images and videos. It is constantly evolving, adding new and unique materials.

Site visitors will be able to:

To read about the illnesses, their causes, signs, diagnosis, traditional methods of treatment and the elimination of folk remedies.

Use the guide to help quickly identify the disease.

Ask a question to the specialist and to receive a quick response.

To check your vision, to calculate the body mass index and pass several tests that assess the condition.

Folk medicine for centuries rich recipes that help to save people from almost any disease. You should only use them correctly, do not forget to consult an experienced physician.