Common cold: treatment of folk remedies
In the treatment of colds do not always need to resort to using expensive medications and pills, it is often enough to remember the old folk ways. They will help…

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Egyptian medicine
Egyptian health cannot be characterized by one word – good or bad. Generally speaking about the medical system in this country, it works well, but if you try to analyze…

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Essential oils know about our health a lot

Modern scientists have confirmed the research Gatefosse: natural essential oils do have healing properties and, moreover, is able to “awaken” dormant in man power.

Where essential oils are known to help our body? It’s very simple. Flowers, trees, grass existed on Earth long before the appearance of man. Therefore, extract from them the essential oils in the genes “know” much more than we humans. Penetrating through the skin into the cage, they make her “remember” how it worked, being healthy. It turns out that the cell restores itself! Scientists have even calculated that the natural essential oil is able to return the cage to a healthy life in just 7 seconds.

“Aromas Gloris” act as natural filters. They are located in the body within 20 minutes and then, helping, leave him. Essential oils carry with them toxins and waste products and do not leave any side effects or alien substances.

Turns out that, applying aromatherapy, we combine the pleasure and benefit!

First, let’s choose the smell that pleasant. With “Aromas Gloris” is a place to “roam” even the most fastidious gourmet! You can choose fragrance according to your mood: toniziruyut, on the contrary, relaxing; temperament; and even in planetary influence.

Secondly, fight with bad bacteria, restoring the immune system and give a full nutrition every cell of the body. “Aromas Gloris” fill the needs in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other substances.

what issues help to cope “Aromas Gloris”?

Varicose veins – lemon. mint Japanese. rosemary (1-3 drops per 5 ml basis: foot cream with antivarikoznogo effect or sweet almond oil ).

Cellulite – grapefruit. rose tree. lavender. lemon (1-3 drops per 5 ml basis cellulite gel. body lotion double action or sweet almond oil).

Migraine – geranium, lemon, lavender (aroma lamp. 4-6 drops; 1 drop of oil to RUB into temples, forehead and pulse points).

Edema, obesity is the bergamot. patchouli (aroma lamp: 3-5 drops; aromamedalony: 2-3 drops; bath: 4-6 drops; massage: 6-8 drops on 10 ml bases of sweet almond oil).

Disorders of the stomach and intestines – rosemary, Japanese peppermint, ylang-ylang (aroma lamp: 3-5 drops; aromamedalony: 2-3 drops; bath: 3-7 drops).

Bronchitis, tonsillitis, flu, cold – rosewood, Japanese peppermint, cedar wood (oil burner: 3 to 5 drops; aromamedalony: 2-3 drops; bath: 3-7 drops).

Cuts, bruises, sprains, burns – eucalyptus. the tea tree. rosewood, lavender (compress: 1-5 drops; massage: 3-5 drops per 10 ml of sweet almond oil).

Listed here are only a small part of problems in our bodies that help to manage natural essential oils “Fragrance Schnauzer”. They are willing to do for you much more!

And lest you drown in the ocean of healing aromas “Aromas Gloris” ask you to pass special test. which will help you choose essential oils to solve specific problems and improve your physical and emotional state.