Folk recipes of youth and beauty
Female beauty – terrible force. And every woman wants to take this power that gave her nature. She wants to look always beautiful and attractive. To achieve the desired effect,…

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The right to engage in national medicine (healing).
The national medicine is healing methods, prevention, diagnosis and treatment, based on the experience of generations of people, entrenched in national traditions and not registered in the manner prescribed by…

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Toothache: folk remedies of treatment

To endure tooth pain is very difficult. Most often it appears when you abruptly change the temperature. If a toothache, you should see a doctor, but may occur such a situation that to the clinic to get impossible or just no money for treatment.

In this case you need to turn to folk remedies of treatment.

To remove a toothache folk remedies

There are many folk remedies that can help to remove or at least reduce toothache. The most common and available method is to rinse the mouth with breaks of 30 minutes in salt water. Teaspoon of salt diluted in 1 Cup of warm water.

You can resort to the use of alcohol. Roth typed in strong alcohol and kept for 3 minutes, and then vypilivaya or swallowed. Gums, absorbing some of the alcohol become less sensitive to pain.

Can also help massage with ice in the area of the thumb and index finger.

The most proven way – the infusions and decoctions of herbs. Most often used a decoction of sage, which rinse the region of the patient’s teeth. The broth can be kept in the mouth, and when it cools down, it spit out and replaced with a new one. Sage, you can substitute mint or calendula.

To cope with a toothache can and psyllium. His spine enclose to your ear. where a sore tooth.

Prepared with an infusion of raspberry leaves, mint leaves and wine vinegar will save you from toothache.

In addition, the advice given and psychics.

They say that they can help the beneficial properties of sea water or irradiated. To irradiate the water: the water should pour into a glass jar and put it on your fingers, while giving them energy. Hands need to hold about – minutes, and then they are easy to shake off. To do so three times. Then, in the morning, this water should drink in small SIPS.

Acute toothache folk remedies

Acute toothache can occur at any time, so do not always have the opportunity to go to the doctor to endure it anymore. Therefore, it is necessary to know a few simple ways that can help you quickly and easily get rid of this discomfort.

Here are some of them:

you must attach to the tooth a piece of ice, and another to the other cheek piece. The effect is similar to that as if ice was applied to the bruise

a small piece of bacon is also one of rescue funds from the pain. It must be cleaned and put between the cheek and gum in the patient’s tooth. Typically the pain should disappear within 15-20 minutes.

a cotton ball soaked in the tincture of Valerian, will also help the suffering from acute toothache. If you put it in the region of the patient’s teeth and to wait a while, the pain subsides.

Despite the huge number of popular methods that help get rid of a toothache, it is worth remembering that they are temporary, and the pain may return. Therefore, even if the pain is gone, you still need to go to the dentist.