Folk remedies - treatment of diseases at home
Today proved that the treatment of folk remedies safer and more efficient pharmaceutical chemical drugs. With the development of medicine, pharmaceuticals and chemistry, many began to forget about traditional medicine…

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Folk recipes of youth and beauty
Female beauty – terrible force. And every woman wants to take this power that gave her nature. She wants to look always beautiful and attractive. To achieve the desired effect,…

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Academy Of Holistic Outlook

The concept of “integrity” is based on the knowledge of the Universal laws of integral human relationship with the environment. And happiness and health, and human well-being depend on his ability to be harmonious, to preserve its integrity in all situations. When integral communication with the world is broken, the person’s sickness, there are various problems in life at home and at work.

Our main task:

to teach people how to interact harmoniously with the world around you, find peace and become whole.

Comes the era of the spirit, is coming a Great Spiritual Transformation of Humanity. And each of us is destined to discover his Spirit and spiritualize the Earth. Each of us needs to take the spiritual brick and put it in the Foundation of the future society and to generate creative spiritual personality.

In the ancient texts of India and Tibet, it is said that a new round of development of mankind begins with the formation of a unified worldview that will unite the accumulated in the world’s religions knowledge, bring people together and show the unity of the source of knowledge on the planet. And this formation accounts for the period in which we live, – from 2010 to 2020. And since we were born at the dawn of this amazing transformation of the Planet – so space imposes on us a high responsibility and trust to help in the formation of a New Worldview.

The Imperative Of The New Time

The birth of the Academy Holistic Worldview can be called the imperative of the New Time. It was formed as a result of years of activity (since 1995) S. G. Binat in the field of ideologie and thousands of his students. Among them are professional doctors, supporters of alternative medicine, psychologists and teachers.

Today the Academy crystallizes the unique experience accumulated by our specialists in different regions of Ukraine. Experts Academy rallied to help the community in spiritual development through the formation of a true holistic worldview and the acquisition of knowledge about the World, Universe, Soul, and Spirit.

In the heart of the great European capitals,

Where the sky and water bears,

Where Orthodox shrines and frescoes, and face, –

The tree of Knowledge grows and blooms.

Here The Discipleship Church,

Educators School – Academy For New Science,

And it belonged to Kiev and Crimea spaces,

And increasingly our fellow circle.

All over the Ukrainian cities

Pouring bright and cheerful energies of the particles,

Feasting upon the flow of the river.

And talents blossom here, a decorating

Our lives and the Space around,

Its healing, enlightening Knowledge,

Elevating the human Spirit!

Hope Chigvintsev

Dear friends and associates!

We sincerely thank you for what you have, for without you our life would have no meaning. Thank you for the help and support of our efforts, for believing in us. Your faith helps and inspires.

The number of our listeners is growing rapidly and we are becoming more and more. Watching your desire for New Knowledge and changes in quality of life, we gain confidence in the correctness of the chosen Path. Thanks to you, we too learn and grow and try to expand opportunities for you to knowledge, further improvement and development.

Glad to know that by working together we can address the Space with a prayer for universal harmony and the welfare of each of us, our entire country and planet as a whole.

We suggest to carry out this spiritual concept daily at 22.00.

Peace, love and good luck!

God bless you!

With love and gratitude

The Council Of The Academy Of Holistic Outlook

Special medical instruments and surgeons of ancient methods of mummification
As wrote the famous researcher of antiquity and a chain sting the surgical instruments of the ancient Incas were of different size bronze scalpels, needles, staples, tweezers, a bronze knife…


Folk remedies of treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease
Treatment of osteochondrosis of the popular methods involves the use of natural remedies and techniques tried and tested for centuries, which brought relief to the patient in the most difficult…

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