A health treatment that does not fit into standard western medical practice is called “alternative” or “complementary.” This includes many different therapies: Traditional healing practices such as ayurveda (Fact Sheet…

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Home physicians: the list of diseases that treat Pets
Already aware of the fact that people who have a pet at home is less likely to get sick and they are more stable, easier to tolerate adversity. After all,…

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Alternative medicine

Alternative medicine is not the healers, not healers, and doctors! Only for treatment they use special techniques, which proved their efficiency age-old practice. The philosophical approach of alternative medicine, does not contradict the tenets of the generally accepted canons, but only supplements them. After all, the goal of any treatment is to restore energetic balance of the organism, lead to the harmony of all its components, to give the ability to fight diseases and increase their own strength after recovery.

Our doctors of alternative medicine multidisciplinary clinics “Alternative” is well know that treatment with chemicals is not a panacea for all ills. It is well known the negative effects of many drugs on different organs and systems of the body. Another thing – homeopathy, herbal medicine, nutrition science, reflexology, massage, creates in the human body the necessary conditions for self-healing.

The cause of any disease is that the organism ceases to perform any function. Alternative treatment stabilizes not only the individual components but the system as a whole. But if the body is working properly and the person is not sick. So it is conditionally possible to outline the basic principles of alternative methods. Of course,in the acute period of the disease, in cases where there is a real threat to the life, medications to stabilize the condition to prevent the development of irreversible processes. However, when chronic diseases and with a simple desire to improve their health, you can resort to the help of other, alternative methods, certainly, scientifically proven and justified.

The study of cells with an electron microscope, scientists came to conclusion: the use of reflexology can change their structure and to normalize the activity. The body as it starts to struggle with illness – runs a simultaneous upgrade of all its systems. That is, at the cellular level was determined, and proved a basic tenet of alternative, or traditional medicine to overcome the disease without causing harm to the patient, it is necessary to mobilize own resources of the patient’s body. And it is this victory over the disease can reach a specialist practicing “alternative” means:

fees herbs, containing a large amount of natural minerals and vitamins, increase immunity, stimulating the activity of cells;

different types of massage;


diet therapy;

the balneotherapy (mud – and hydrotherapy).

If You suffer from chronic diseases if you have completed all the flour wrong drug treatments, yet You are sick – discover the power of alternative medicine, which can be used to achieve excellent results, especially in combination with modern therapeutic means and methods.

The office of alternative medicine multidisciplinary clinics “Alternative” cures for many ailments, and believe me, more often than cure. Migraines and depression, infertility and mastitis, psoriasis, Allergy, gastrointestinal disease and urogenital system cysts and fibroids. a variety of functional disorders we will help You cope with these and many other diseases!