What is alternative medicine?
How to live long and be healthy? Look around, nature is everywhere gives us clues. If a person is in harmony with the environment, and the health he does not…

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Traditional medicine. Infertility. Herbal medicine.
Prolonged and intensive Smoking (nicotine) negatively affects the nervous centers located in the spinal cord that regulate sexual activity. Regular consumption alkoholittomia drinks for a long time leads to the…

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Non-traditional medicine in Vietnam

You drew their attention to Vietnam . Did the right thing. The unknown and sometimes shocking us, Asia has always attracted many tourists.

A tour to Vietnam will be the most exciting, interesting and informative. The country with ancient culture is so multifaceted that for a trip to Vietnam will not be able to fully embrace and understand the culture and traditions of this nation, of this amazing country.

The capital of Vietnam and Hanoi is very beautiful. Spacious streets are surrounded by greenery, on the trees you can see various wild birds. The city seethes, lives life to the fullest. The streets are full of cyclists, motorcyclists, and this type of transport is prefer, from small to large. Very standard, when you see a babe on high heels or a nice old lady riding a bike.

Tourists in Hanoi are accommodated in comfortable hotels and the first step is going to see the sights. Walking around the city you can see ancient pagodas and temples. Be sure to visit “the Opera House” and ” Temple of Literature “.

Would be fun if your tour in Vietnam not only limited to your stay in the capital. It would be good to visit in Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon), located in the South of Vietnam. This city is considered the heart of the country. Vietnamese honor national traditions and with all stereotracklist them. At this point, the exotic, blending with ancient monuments. Pay attention to the Notre Dame Cathedral . (to hear is unusual).

And visit the town of da Nang. It is a popular seaside resort, which will enjoy miles of sandy beaches. It offers clear warm sea and notice a couple of deck chairs was not occupied. Maybe they are waiting for you?!

In addition to the traditional beach holiday opportunities for surfing, diving and yacht racing will be available on multiple Islands.

Get back to Hanoi. You haven’t been to the old town. Unusual for us the way, exotic look of homes, streets and ceremonies. It is in this part of the city on the streets you can see many cages with birds. Almost every house lives a little bird. In Buddhism there is ” the Rite of good deeds “, by the way, you can choose to participate in this. You need to buy any you like the bird and with the good wishes and intentions to release it into the wild.

Well, what a tour to Vietnam is complete without visiting the market with his straw hat and chic batik (with exquisite colors on fine silk), traditional lifestyle and variety of food. This is a very interesting place. The Vietnamese immediately boiled, fried food and sell wanting to eat. By the way the price in the market that the restaurants are low. A nutritious meal can be in the range of 1-2$. The right to choose for lunch Scorpions or traditional noodles.

To Vietnam from Chelyabinsk, Russia, our compatriots are in a hurry for health. As expected, in this Eastern country developed alternative medicine. Skilled healers have thoroughly studied the properties of plants and use of natural gifts in the treatment of any disease. The master can give some valuable advice to you. Gladly teach tourists to their work.

All tourists interested to know what path they will do to Vietnam from Chelyabinsk. We hasten to reassure you – this is our concern. Will send you on the highest class! Some 10-12 hours and you are in Hanoi.

Your journey to Vietnam will leave many pleasant memories from the trip. And don’t forget to print your best Photo with the monkey’s arm, with a Scorpion in the mouth and in the straw Vietnamese on the head!