Kalanchoe peristoe - use in folk medicine
There are about 200 species of Kalanchoe, but is used in medical practice Kalanchoe pinnate. Under natural conditions, Kalanchoe grows in South America and Southeast Asia, where it grows up…

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Folk recipes of youth and beauty
Female beauty – terrible force. And every woman wants to take this power that gave her nature. She wants to look always beautiful and attractive. To achieve the desired effect,…

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Traditional medicine is

Watch what “traditional Medicine” in other dictionaries:

Traditional Mongolian medicine — developed among the Mongolian people for many years. Mongolian doctors were widely known in China and Tibet … Wikipedia

Traditional Tibetan medicine is an Ancient Tibetan illustration. The Museum of science and technology of China, Beijing. Traditional Tibetan medicine is a traditional … Wikipedia

medicine — existent. well. DMG. Ref. often Morphology: (none) what? medicine, what? medicine, (see) what? medicine than? medicine, about what? about medicine 1. Medicine is a field of scientific knowledge about diseases, treatment and prevention. Practical medicine. |… … Dictionary of Dmitrieva

Traditional medicine the Term traditional medicine, depending on national traditions, is used in two different meanings: Medicine, has long been used in different Nations (national medicine), in particular, phytotherapy (the meaning of the term in Wikipedia …

Traditional Chinese medicine — This article is about a non-academic direction of research. Please edit the article so that it’s clear from its opening sentences, and from subsequent text. The details in the article and on the talk page … Wikipedia

Traditional African medicine — Caster crabs from Cameroon wonders on the crabs. He puts them in a pot with stones and by changing the position of the stone is judged on the future.[1] Traditional African medicine is a combination of traditional techniques, technologies and beliefs, used… … Wikipedia

Medicine — I Medicine medicine is the science and activities whose objectives are the strengthening and maintenance of health, prolongation of life, prevention and treatment of human diseases. To accomplish these tasks M. studies the structure and… … Medical encyclopedia

Classical medicine — the Traditional medicine of the term, depending on national traditions, has 2 meanings: Common variants of usage (1) Medicine, long used among different peoples, traditional medicine, particularly phytotherapy (like this meaning… … Wikipedia


Traditional African medicine. Jesse Russell. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!Traditional African medicine — the combination of traditional techniques, technologies and beliefs used by African people for medical purposes…. Read more Buy for 1125 rubles

Traditional Chinese medicine and the dynamic electrotherapy. Mikhail Teppone. The book contains a history of the introduction of traditional Chinese medicine and electrotherapy in Europe and in Russia. The main part of the book is an explanation of the various modern theories of traditional… read More to Buy at 820 rubles

Traditional medicine. The experience of Russian and Eastern folk medicine in modern. medical practice. V. I. Ivanov. The basic methods of reflex therapy (acupuncture, moxibustion, acupressure, non-contact massage), techniques of their application and physiological basis of effects on the human body…. More to Buy for 500 rubles