Alternative medicine, alternative therapies
It is possible to allocate such forms of alternative medicine like: phytotherapy (treatment with medicinal herbs, in which the reception of infusions of various plants and herbs has a beneficial…

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Folk remedies - treatment of diseases at home
Today proved that the treatment of folk remedies safer and more efficient pharmaceutical chemical drugs. With the development of medicine, pharmaceuticals and chemistry, many began to forget about traditional medicine…

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The use of medicinal herbs.

The vegetation of our Russia is very diverse – from tundra in the far North, to the deserts of the southern borders of the country. An important reason is the many species — changes in climate of different areas. On the rugged North grow carpet plants with the dominance of lichens in this part of our country where the weather is warmer, the trees are found in the southern part — where the summers are very hot and very little humidity, mostly there are groups of desert plants.

Most forty percent of the medicines that are valid are the drugs of natural origin that get almost 300 useful herbs for use by the Ministry of health of the country. In folk medicine extends more than 2500 kinds of medicinal herbs .

Today a great application has acquired a bee honey and Royal jelly. Active natural trace elements found in plants and honey and pollen are the product of metabolic active microorganisms,as a result, the human body they are perceived easier, than industrial medicines. The use of herbs for example burdock for the purpose preduprejdenie the treatment of many diseases represents for us an important interest and importance.

To help nurse

Nursing — the study of the implementation of various simple medical and preventive manipulations, for example, injection, taking blood sample, measuring the pulse, and the care of the sick. This name because in terms of offices and centers for diagnosis, these procedures carried out by nurses.It so happens that the paramedic need to search for information about various diseases in a multi-volume textbooks of medical practice. These books have to go to the library to sit for hours in the reading room. It is very inconvenient and slow. Presents website health guide. Designed for nurses working in hospitals and emergency stations, combines detailed information about the most commonly encountered in practice diseases, including the symptoms of disease. Professional training on the specialty “Nursing” held at Medical school.So the web portal medicinasprav will not be superfluous to students in secondary medical schools.

Biographies of figures of Economics and politics

Here biografiivsem our staff gathered in one place more than a thousand interesting facts celebrities, for example stars as Yaroslav the Wise and the like. Reading their biography, each person can study all stages of development of our ancestors: the creation of masterpieces of literature and arts.

There is a simple menu that helps you to quickly find a famous person and maybe use a menu on occupation. Meeting all the celebrities are divided by occupation, had no difficulty in finding the right person. Many assemblies have pictures, so you can easily determine whether the selection was carried out to obtain more detailed information about it. We have tried to collect the known facts of the life not only of Russian but also foreign idols, which are imitated in our country, such as government officials. All the materials introduced in English, and find interesting information of a famous person would be easy.

Our collection of biographies will be useful to students of schools in writing of diplomas. Full biography of famous people available on our site, will be of great help in the study of history. And all curious individuals have the opportunity to find many interesting things. You know, knowledge is power!