Traditional medicine. Infertility. Herbal medicine.
Prolonged and intensive Smoking (nicotine) negatively affects the nervous centers located in the spinal cord that regulate sexual activity. Regular consumption alkoholittomia drinks for a long time leads to the…

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Herbs For Hair Loss
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International exchange of medicinal plants

The project called “international exchange of medicinal plants” is a new word in the pharmaceutical industry not only in Russia but all over the world, as it encompasses proposals for the purchase and sale of medicinal raw materials in all the world. With the help of our service you can order the right plant in the desired quantity and at a reasonable price quickly and conveniently, using the functionality of the resource.

Our visitors – buyers, sellers, intermediaries, representatives of large pharmaceutical companies and original laboratories from the countries of CIS, Eastern and Western Europe and other States of the world – will always find a great opportunity to set your business up in the correct rhythm. We offer all customers exactly what they need – buyers and manufacturers of medical products are raw material base and their representatives, researchers from leading laboratories are fellows and colleagues in the industry, and manufacturers of potential buyers for wholesale and retail supplies.

Our service is not just an exchange where you can buy and sell raw materials or finished products of natural medicines, first of all, it’s part of a huge project that combines all the stage of high-quality starting material in drug development the pharmaceutical industry. We are costumesadult development of pharmaceutical industry of the new wing, which includes experimental nurseries for the cultivation of desired plants, and unique biochemical and biotechnology laboratory, plantations of raw material and many other objects.

Evolving towards the creation of high-tech cluster in the field of pharmaceutical industry, we understand the importance of creating a tool for the global community, which will be much easier to solve the problem of finding markets and raw materials, as well as the development of the industry as a whole. We help to find people, labs, organizations, enterprises and research institutes worldwide that deal with the same issues that the pharmaceutical factory “Rosbio”, from the womb of which is born our project.

Knowing from the inside the problem of finding partners in such a specific field of pharmacology, we invite all who are somehow involved in the development of new drugs on the basis of ecologically pure natural raw materials, the development of new approaches for the cultivation of medicinal plants, creation of nurseries, greenhouses, production of unique systems for laboratory and industrial use – to unite and communicate in the frames of “International exchange of medicinal plants”.

Benefits of “international exchange of medicinal plants”

The project work is debugged at the highest level, and the functionality of the Exchange – is exceptional. It can help to search, analyze, and order items for sale from medicinal plants and other goods related industries to offer their products, raw materials or any other products, looking for direct customers or intermediaries. Important advantage, which is once again to emphasize – the ability to communicate with clients, sponsors those certain lots, solving their business problems quickly and professionally.

With our help, you can make a lot of transactions of purchase/sale of raw materials, quickly find buyers for their goods, offers to buy needed materials or simply to make money on the stock exchange, knowing the nuances of the functioning of the market.