Alternative and traditional medicine

Home physicians: the list of diseases that treat Pets
Already aware of the fact that people who have a pet at home is less likely to get sick and they are more stable, easier to tolerate adversity. After all,…

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Introduction and cultivation of medicinal plants.
Introduction of medicinal herbs provides an introduction to the culture of wild plants both within the area and in new areas where these species do not occur. It includes two…

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The use of medicinal herbs.

The vegetation of our Russia is very diverse – from tundra in the far North, to the deserts of the southern borders of the country. An important reason is the many species — changes in climate of different areas. On the rugged North grow carpet plants with the dominance of lichens in this part of our country where the weather is warmer, the trees are found in the southern part — where the summers are very hot and very little humidity, mostly there are groups of desert plants.

Most forty percent of the medicines that are valid are the drugs of natural origin that get almost 300 useful herbs for use by the Ministry of health of the country. In folk medicine extends more than 2500 kinds of medicinal herbs .

Today a great application has acquired a bee honey and Royal jelly. Active natural trace elements found in plants and honey and pollen are the product of metabolic active microorganisms,as a result, the human body they are perceived easier, than industrial medicines. The use of herbs for example burdock for the purpose preduprejdenie the treatment of many diseases represents for us an important interest and importance.

To help nurse

Nursing — the study of the implementation of various simple medical and preventive manipulations, for example, injection, taking blood sample, measuring the pulse, and the care of the sick. This name because in terms of offices and centers for diagnosis, these procedures carried out by nurses.It so happens that the paramedic need to search for information about various diseases in a multi-volume textbooks of medical practice. Continue reading

The cultivation of medicinal herbs in the garden

Useful article about the peculiarities of care and cultivation in the garden of medicinal herbs such as: lemon balm, mint, yarrow, oregano and sage.

Although lemon balm, yarrow, mint, oregano and sage are developing in natural conditions, it is wiser and better to grow them at the cottage or in the garden. Complex in this is nothing as the herbs are wild and do not require special care. A minimum of effort and a desire to grow medicinal plants in your garden or home is all you need. Some species can be used as ornamental plants for fresh air in the room.

The cultivation of medicinal herbs:

1. Melissa

For lemon balm will fit slightly shaded area, for example near the wall or fence. The soil should be fertilized and moist. It is worth remembering that it is growing strongly, so may take extra territory. In the hot season it is necessary to monitor irrigation. To propagate the plant you seeds or from the root. To speed up the process, you should soak the seeds before planting in warm water or try to grow them in containers with water.

It should be noted that Melissa can grow on a windowsill or balcony as indoor plants, giving the room the scent of freshness and a pleasing light lemon smell. To care for her is quite simple. Potrebuetsia lighted window, ready mixed soil and timely watering. It is desirable that the pot at the same time lived several sprouts. Continue reading

International exchange of medicinal plants

The project called “international exchange of medicinal plants” is a new word in the pharmaceutical industry not only in Russia but all over the world, as it encompasses proposals for the purchase and sale of medicinal raw materials in all the world. With the help of our service you can order the right plant in the desired quantity and at a reasonable price quickly and conveniently, using the functionality of the resource.

Our visitors – buyers, sellers, intermediaries, representatives of large pharmaceutical companies and original laboratories from the countries of CIS, Eastern and Western Europe and other States of the world – will always find a great opportunity to set your business up in the correct rhythm. We offer all customers exactly what they need – buyers and manufacturers of medical products are raw material base and their representatives, researchers from leading laboratories are fellows and colleagues in the industry, and manufacturers of potential buyers for wholesale and retail supplies.

Our service is not just an exchange where you can buy and sell raw materials or finished products of natural medicines, first of all, it’s part of a huge project that combines all the stage of high-quality starting material in drug development the pharmaceutical industry. We are costumesadult development of pharmaceutical industry of the new wing, which includes experimental nurseries for the cultivation of desired plants, and unique biochemical and biotechnology laboratory, plantations of raw material and many other objects. Continue reading

Special medical instruments and surgeons of ancient methods of mummification

As wrote the famous researcher of antiquity and a chain sting the surgical instruments of the ancient Incas were of different size bronze scalpels, needles, staples, tweezers, a bronze knife type “Toomey”, in shape resembling kitchen knives-sechka, and clamps by which the Inca doctors would draw the vein to stop bleeding in their patients.

After modern physicians were acquainted with Smith papyrus, made in Ancient Egypt, about 1710-1690 years BC, they were very surprised. It turned out at that very distant time, there was a special, surgical tools, for example, copper needles for suturing wounds.

As it turned out, the writing style of this ancient medical Handbook was a copy of earlier issued may, in the year 2710 BC. It is not excluded that this precious document included nuggets of the then medical knowledge of the antediluvian civilization that perished in the days of global cataclysm.

However, the ancient Egyptians have actively studied the device (structure) of the human body. For successful mummification of the dead pharaohs and their entourage, required knowledge of anatomy and ways of performing most of these surgeries.

Not so long ago the history of mummification was extended with a new page. It turns out that,before the mummification of a dead body, ancient healers practiced on the skeletons. Thus, the chemical analyses of the skeleton of Ancient Egypt, the age of about 4140 years, have provided a key for deciphering Egyptian techniques for embalming a corpse.

The skeleton Go II, according to the inscription on his coffin, was a major dealer who supplied the Egyptians with valuable timber, found in the district of Giza in 1915. Almost immediately, he was purchased by one of the museums in Germany. Even by the end of the twentieth century no one knew – the remains Are embalmed were previously, or are well preserved due to the dry climate of Egypt. Continue reading

Kalanchoe peristoe – use in folk medicine

There are about 200 species of Kalanchoe, but is used in medical practice Kalanchoe pinnate. Under natural conditions, Kalanchoe grows in South America and Southeast Asia, where it grows up to 1.5 meters, but it very often can be seen as a houseplant, thanks to medicinal and decorative properties.

For treatment take the ground part of the plant, when the stems reach 40-60 cm and the lower part of the stem becomes thick.

Kalanchoe pinnate has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, stimulating and tonic effect, and most importantly — is a powerful stimulator of tissue regeneration, ie, promotes rapid cleansing and healing of wounds and ulcers.

Kalanchoe malotoksicnam, reduces inflammation. Particularly good results are obtained when the treatment of burns and fractures.

Fresh washed chopped leaves, Kalanchoe juice, tincture Kalanchoe is used in wounds, ulcers, bedsores, trophic ulcers, abscesses, abrasions, panaritiums, erysipelas, osteomyelitis, fractures of the skin and nipples of the Breasts of nursing mothers, cervical erosion, inflammation “of the middle ear.

In addition to the juice and tincture, Kalanchoe is used in the form of lotions, drops, tampons, ointments.

For burns the juice Kalanchoe smachiwausa beaten egg whites and apply to the affected skin surface.

Trophic ulcers are treated thus: the gauze in 4-5 layers, wet Kalanchoe juice and apply on the affected area. When burning to the juice added solution of procaine (1%)- 0.5 ml. Continue reading

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Nasturtium large: a medicinal plant
Nasturtium is a great plant Pharmacopoeia and is not used official Russian medicine, but because of its healing properties is widely used in traditional and non-traditional medicine of other countries…


A health treatment that does not fit into standard western medical practice is called “alternative” or “complementary.” This includes many different therapies: Traditional healing practices such as ayurveda (Fact Sheet…

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