Folk remedies from wrinkles.
As much as we wanted to avoid this, but at some point the age makes itself felt. One day you may notice on your face wrinkles. Though the wrinkles on…

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Egyptian medicine
Egyptian health cannot be characterized by one word – good or bad. Generally speaking about the medical system in this country, it works well, but if you try to analyze…

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Folk remedies – treatment of diseases at home

Today proved that the treatment of folk remedies safer and more efficient pharmaceutical chemical drugs.

With the development of medicine, pharmaceuticals and chemistry, many began to forget about traditional medicine and its benefits for the human body. Of course, when there is a malaise or pain, it’s easier to take a pill or medicine. This plus medication. But there are a number of reasons why many people are advised not to neglect proven methods of treatment of traditional medicine.

One of these is natural the damage to the body from antibiotics, pills or chemicals. Actually all pharmacology and pharmaceutics based on the recipes of our grandmothers and grandfathers who passed their knowledge from generation to generation. Because Valerian tablet is the concentration of a number of herbal substances plant, which first gather in the meadow, and then correctly groomed, transforming into a tablet. Sometimes when you have a headache or lack of sleep many of us drink a pill. We must remember that the pill only removes the symptoms of migraine, but not the cause. Perhaps the man just needs to sleep or relax.

Alternative tablets can be a normal compress on the head with vinegar. Else you can grind mint leaves with whiskey. Many are advised to put on kolovorotny cabbage leaf or leaves of thyme. When lack of sleep, anxiety and insomnia, many folk healers advised to drink a Cup of tea with mint, lemon balm and honey. Also a sedative effect on the nervous system operates hot mug of milk. It is possible to relax simply need to take a hot bath with chamomile, lavender or other pleasant mixture of herbs or oils. Continue reading

Medicinal herbs in the treatment of bronchial asthma

Broth from grass instead of brand. 1 tbsp chopped dry grass pour 1. water, boil 5-7 minutes, drain. To take 4 times a day 2 tablespoons for 10-15 minutes before eating as a means of facilitating the discharge of viscous mucus and preventing swelling of the walls of the bronchi, improves night sleep.

Infusion of lilac buds. 1 tsp dried buds of lilac to fill a thermos 1 tbsp. boiling water and let stand for 4-5 hours, drain. Take within one month for 1 tablespoon 20 minutes before eating 4 times a day, a course of treatment be repeated after a month.

Infusion of the roots of the Pimpernel saxifrage. 2 tbsp. l. crushed roots pour 1 liter of boiling water in a thermos and let stand for 6-7 hours. Be taken before meals half a Cup 4 times a day.

Honey decoction of the berries of viburnum. 1 tbsp ripe viburnum berries to knead, add 1 tbsp of honey and pour 1 tbsp. boiling water. The mixture to stand in a water bath for 15 minutes, then remove from heat, stir and strain. Received a thick broth during the day to take small portions (1-2 tablespoons every 2 hours). With the combination of bronchial asthma with hypertension instead of broth use fresh juice viburnum berries, diluted with water with honey in the same dosage.The course of treatment – 2 months.

The turnip juice. Turnips rubbed on a fine grater and squeeze the juice, boil it on low heat for 10 minutes. Take 1/3 Cup 4 times a day for months.

Antiasthmatic collection No. 1. Prepare a mixture of 1 tsp. fine stinging nettle, 1 tablespoon of herbs rosemary, 1 tbsp grass tricolor violet, ½ tsp. of Valerian root and 1 tsp. of herb of wild ginger, mix well and pour into a thermos 1 liter of boiling water, let stand for 7-8 hours, drain. Take half a Cup 4-5 times a day for 1 month. The course of treatment be repeated after 2-week break. Continue reading

Home physicians: the list of diseases that treat Pets

Already aware of the fact that people who have a pet at home is less likely to get sick and they are more stable, easier to tolerate adversity. After all, when a fluffy miracle rushes to meet you or licks from head to toe – somehow do not think that this is a special psychological technique. They treat us from the spleen and help to distract from life’s problems. What else can they do?

Medic “Cat”. Here, for example, cats, may treat the person from back pain, headaches, sciatica, joint pain, injuries, bruises and that’s not all. They undertake even for inflammatory diseases. And you still think they just eat, sleep, go about their business and in their essence. It’s much glubinnoe than at first glance.

The treatment of cats even has its own name – “feline”.

I wonder the same: what are their treatment methods. And it’s very simple. For a start cats are doing “massage” pads, then “warming up”. But when your fluffy creation, you’ll stay on the sore spot – it is “irradiation” special healing waves.

But there is such a moment: feline depends on what breed of cats. Different animals differently affect the human body.

Most scientists also agree that those people who have the cat five times less likely to visit doctors than those who do not have them.

Medic”Dog”. This is, perhaps, the most dedicated and friendly “medic”. Because your dog knows your character, possible behavior. Continue reading